Teddy Express

Let your Teddy bring you out for an Adventure and travel on our “Teddy Express”

Saturday 27th Sunday 28th and Monday 29th May

Class 14 Diesel Day

Fifty six Type 1 (Class 14) diesel hydraulic locomotives were built in 1964/65 by British Railways at Swindon Works as part of the Western Region's diesel hydraulic modernisation programme. Numbered D9500 to D9555, the 50 ton locomotives were powered by a 650 horse power Paxman 6YJXL 'Ventura' engine coupled to a Voith/North British type L217U hydraulic transmission with a Hunslet '650' gearbox.

Join the NVR as we run the two resident Class 14 locomotives based on the railway D9520 and D9529 

Saturday 20th May 

Small Loco Fest

Join the NVR and our Small Locomotive Group in a celebration of Small Locomotives 


 Star Attraction LMS CLASS 3F (JINTY) 0-6-0T No.47406

Old Station Building

To raise the funds to renovate the Grade 2 Listed station building, including fees, making secure and safe and returning to it's original condition.



General Funding

The NVR is always striving to improve its facilities and collections.