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Night Mail Project

Night Mail

An exciting new development is currently under construction at the Nene Valley Railway, an International Traveling Post Office Museum. The museum is in the final planning stages and is to be built opposite the station building at Ferry Meadows. The aim of the museum is to tell the story of delivering mail by rail.

Our new museum will act as a bold illustration of the famous ‘Night Mail’ poem by replicating the night time working atmosphere of a busy station, where the visitors will be able to 'step inside' the coaches that carried the night mail. This will provide an insight as to how mail was delivered not just in the 20th century but all the way back to the late 19th.
There will also be a chance to glimpse at the international transfer of mail as it makes its way across Europe, stored in the fourgons of another train of the night the famous sleeping car expresses of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits of which two cars are currently under restoration at the Nene Valley Railway.

Night Mail Museum

The Nene Valley Railway boasts an established collection of historic traveling post offices and international coaches. It is both a pleasure and a duty as custodians of this excellent collection to both display and conserve the vehicles for not just our education and enjoyment but also that of future generations. The museum will provide a 6 coach exhibition hall, 6 coach running shed for service TPO's, 2 coach maintenance shed, classroom facilities, archive rooms for school groups and serious study, along with usual museum facilities such as a restaurant, cloakrooms and shop.

For more details about Night Mail, the progress on the coaches and vehicles and the museum itself - This can be found at www.nightmail.org.uk

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