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Murder on the Railway

Murder on the Railway - Join the RAW Theatre Production Company for a night of Murder & Mystery

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Murder on the Railway

  • Have you got the super-sleuth skills to find and solve the clues?
  • The detective persona to interrogate the suspects?
  • The judge and jury deliberation to identify the killer?

Then our Murder Mystery evenings are the perfect way to enjoy an evening with friends, a delightful bottle of wine and a savoury snack basket (snack basket and bottle of wine served per table of 2).

What can you expect from all our Murder Mysteries?

A fully interactive and immersive evening where you will:

  • have an opportunity to investigate the murder scene
  • be given evidence to review and decipher
  • have the opportunity to interrogate each suspect at your table.

The evening is fully scripted (apart from the improvisation element depending on what questions are asked): nothing is left to chance.

Every look, line, movement and positioning is precise, to give the outcome we desire.

Our team of writers and actors work tirelessly on their characters, back story and preparation for questions. In fact, it takes more time to prepare for that than it does for these fabulous actors to be script down! 

There can be only one winning team. So it is important to write down as many clues about each suspect and in general that you uncover. The team with the most clues will be victorious.


Check in at 5:30pm
Curtain up at 6:00pm
Take your seats on the train at 6:45pm
Train departure at 7:00pm
Arrive back at Wansford at 8:15pm
Conclusion and evening ends at 8:45pm

Peaky Blinders - 17th August

Meet the Shelby family - the gangsters of Birmingham - and Chief Inspector Chester Campbell who is responsible for seeking justice and ridding the streets of all crime.

A twisty and turny plot, very gritty and not for the faint hearted, this murder mystery will delight all Peaky Blinders fans as well as those diehard RAW fans! 

Halloween Murder Mystery - 26th October

Join the Robinson Family at their home for the Halloween weekend, celebrating a birthday. Not everyone who's there has been invited. Many secrets are uncovered.

Our on-train bar will be open from 18:00 (located in our Buffet Car) serving a variety of drinks for you to purchase. The bar will close at 22:00. 

The evening commences at 17:30 when you will be checked in and directed to the opening scene with a prompt start time of 18:00. Train boarding starts at 18:45. You will be advised of your table number and carriage when checking in. Your train will return to Wansford Station at approximately 21:00 for the final reveal of who has committed the dastardly deed and who ultimately solved the case.

All on-board entertainment for this event will be provided by RAW Theatre Production Company. This evening is sure to be filled with suspense and intrigue.

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This event is strictly for over 18s and no dogs are allowed except assistance dogs.