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Garden Railway

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Wansford Garden Railway

Wansford Garden Railway is a G-scale model railway situated by the turntable at Wansford Station. It shows how a railway can run through a garden without dominating it.
Most Saturdays you can see Thomas pulling his coaches around the flower beds to the central station. Here he stops to see his friends James and Emily and have a chat with Percy and his troublesome trucks. Toby the tram can be spotted climbing the branch line over the waterfall to the station at the top of the line.
We also have visiting engines to fit in with the different special weekends at Wansford Station.

There is a quiz to see if you can spot different items around the layout. When we are running trains, there are lots of other characters that appear on the layout, with some that youngsters can recognise and some from way back in our childhoods.

We are dependent on the weather and volunteers being available to run the trains.