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Locomotive Department

Steam Locomotives in Service

Ex-British Railways Bulleid 'Battle of Britain' class pacific locomotive Nš34081 92 SQUADRON, owned by the BBLS

Hudswell Clarke No 1800 "Thomas". For further details about Thomas click here

3193 Austerity 

Blue Circle

Diesel Locomotives in Service

Class 14 - Details coming soon.


Class 45 Peak No 45041

Owned by the Peak Locomotive Company and in operation on the NVR

Swedish Railcar No 1212

Privately owned and in regular service on the NVR, also available for private hire

Diesel Shunting Locomotives

Corby Quarries 22 (DL83) 0-6-0DH RR 10271/1967 (Owned by ISTG)

Rolls Royce Sentinel 0-4-0 Diesel Hydraulic 'Barabel' (Owned by ISTG)


LMS 40 Tonne Steam Crane

Steam Locomotives under restoration

Standard Class 5 No 73050 City of Peterborough

Danish Class No 656 

Swedish No 1178

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