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Filming at NVR

Since 1978 well over 150 films, commercials and episodes for television have been made with the help of scenes shot on the Nene Valley Railway. Some have been major productions like Octopussy, and Dirty Dozen- Next Mission while television companies have based episodes of series such as Secret Army, Reilly Ace of Spies and Hannay using the railway as an integral part of the plot.

The Nene Valley Railway lends itself naturally to filming by having a number of features fit for screen. The railway has seven and a half miles of track running over and alongside a river, traverses meadowland, cuttings, urban areas, passes an industrial complex and runs through a country park.

If you would like to hire the railway for filming. Please contact the General Manager by phone or email.

Enquiries: 01780 784444 (10:00- 15:00)

Email: tracy.spring@nvr.org.uk

To date the railway has been used in the making of the following productions:


BBC TV Drama Secret Army

Anglia TV TV Series Bygones


BBC Documentary Airey Neave

Granada TV TV Film Gossip from the Forest


BBC TV Film Caught on a Train

Anglia TV Documentary Portrait of a Village (Wansford)

BBC TV Film Fair stood the winds for France

Thames Film Love in a Cold Climate


BBC Series Multi-Coloured Swap Shop

BBC TV Series (signal box)

BBC TV Film Russian night 1941


American CBS TV Film Q.E.D. 4.10 to Zurich

BBC TV Series (Pump trolley)

EON Productions Film Octopussy Roger Moore as James Bond


Euston Films TV Drama Reilly - Ace of spies

Central TV Series The Saturday show

Keefco Pop Video The Big Country

Paramount Film Top Secret

Keefco Pop Video Haircut 100

BBC Documentary

Colgems Ltd Commercial


Paramount Film Space

BBC Series Omnibus

BBC Drama Hillary

HTV TV Drama Jenny's War

RSC Film Royal Shakespeare Company

BBC TV Film Occupation Democrat

Peerford Ltd Film Dirty Dozen - Next Mission

Compact Yellow Film Biggles


Travenol Ent. Film Last days of Paten

Euston Films TV Film Minder on the Orient Express

Columbia TV Film Lime Street

Anglia TV Religion Highway


Grasshopper Prod. Film East of the Moon

Howard Guard Prod. Commercial Imperial Leather

BBC Serial Children of Green Knowe

BBC TV Film Gaudy Nights


BBC TV Film Border

Brian Griffen Commercial Sony

Howard Guard Commercial Diet Coke


BBC Drama Christabel

HTV Documentary On the trains

BBC Series Weekend

Anglia TV Series Get Fresh

Holmes Ass TV Film Piece of Cake

Thames TV TV Drama Hanney


LWT TV Drama London's Burning Nuclear flask

Fugitive TV Pop Video Queen Breakthrough

BBC TV Film Portrait of a Marriage

Ian Prod Film The Secret Life of Ian Fleming

BFI Commercial "Meat"

Paul Weilland Commercial Opel Omega Estate


LWT TV Drama London's Burning Train Crash

Dakota Road Commercial Dakota Road

Taylormade Commercial Computer company

Deleney / Hart Commercial Lunn Poly

LWT Series You Bet!

RSA Commercial Banks Bitter

Telescope Film Afraid of the Dark

Anglia TV Local TV Eastern Arts Dance Competition


Coleman RSCG Commercial Freight Train

BBC TV Series Jobs to do

Anglia TV TV Series Places to visit

Aubrey Powell Pop Video Bomb The Bass

Paul Weiland Commercial Rolo

Japan TV Documentary Railways of the World

Paravision Film Bye Bye Baby


Rennaisance PLC Film Peters Friend

Spa Films Documentary Railway Educational Film

Menton Series Wideangle

Spots Services Commercial B&Q Paint

Robian Video Promotional film (technical)

Partizan Pop Video Extreme

G. Seymour Commercial Dutch Bank


Helen Longridge Commercial Phillip Morris camera club

BBC2 Drama Middlemarch (George Elliot)

LWT Series Blind Date

BBC2 Comedy The day to day

Wire TV CableTV Live outside Broadcast

Andy Green Stills Halifax Building Society


Royal Mail Stills Stamp Issue January1994

Frontline Films Video Odessey Pop Group

Travel Vision TV Film Voice over Intros

BBC Series Playdays

BBC Drama Into the Fire

BBC Documentary For Valour

Howland Int. Commercial MacDonald Intro

Hat Trick Prod. Feature Drop The Dead Donkey

RSA Films Commercial Midland Bank

Travel Channel Satellite TV Railway Journeys

West Myth Commercial West Cigarettes

GMTV Live am Show Flying Scotsman Visit

Channel 9 Documentary Christopher Awdrey (Thomas)

Anglia Documentary Union of South Africa Visit


Anglia TV Documentary VE Day - School Celebration

EON Productions Film Goldeneye Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

Yorks TV Educational TV How we used to live With Locomotion

World Films Drama The Secret Agent Bob Hoskins

4th Estate Prods TV film Anglia after the War

Anglia TV Santa Specials Xmas Eve News

BBC TV News Santa Specials Xmas Eve


4D Films Pop Video Nu Colours

Approaching Fish Films Feature Film Unknown things

Oil factory Music Video Octopus - "Your Smile"

BBC East Current Affairs Disabled Visitors

Stark Films Commercial Everest Double Glazing

Anglia TV Santa Specials News Footage


Carlton TV Drama/Thriller Into The Blue Starring John Thaw

LWT TV Drama Londons Burning Series 10 - Episode 1 & 2

On Train 21st Birthday Party - Fire

Carlton/Woman in WH Films TV period drama Woman in White

BBC East News Filler Elton - 30th Anniv Couple

Psychology News Ltd Drama Solo Shuttle Wagon Lits Salon as a Eurostar

BBC Look East News Item Royal Mail Xmas Stamps Launch

Bronson Knight Prod The Knock 2 Wagons on Loan at Woolwich

Indelible Films Pop Video The Levellers - "Dog Train"


BBC East TV - Filler Weather Intro Sentinel Diesel in Loco Yard

GMT Productions Film Drama Greenwich Mean Time

BBC East TV Event Learning to Drive a Steam Engine


Carnegie Stills Commercial Benson & Hedges At Longueville Junc.

BBC TV Cardiff Drama Series Jack of Hearts At Wansford with DMU

Thames TV TV Series The Bill

Golden Reed Productions Documentary Jewish Children Documentary

Central TV TV News Feature A Day in Peterborough

Imagination Ford Journey Zone Promo Stills for Millennium Dome - of Track only!

Multi Media Arts Supporting Acts "What we do" Mike Warrington interview for Ch 4 Production


TV series Band of Brothers

BBC - East Midlands News & Events Holiday Out Family from Nottingham on a day out

Meridian TV News Documentary "Spirit of Anglia"

LLTV Cable Feature About Anglia and its personalities

Anglia TV News Filler Rail Mail Weekend Mike Warrington interview

Talkback Productions TV Comedy The Armando

BBC TV Look East News Feature Santa Specials With presenters family

Anglia TV News Feature Santa Specials


Anglia TV Series Riddles of the River River Nene

BBC East TV News Series A to Z of Anglia, Y is for Yarwell

Anglia TV TV News Filler Heritage - Railways

Absolutely Productions Show for Channel 4 Skit -on the 'Grim Reefer'

OR Media TV Children's Film Paddington goes to Peru Stephen Fry

October Films Ltd Documentary Last peasants of Europe

South Bank Show

LWT Documentary Night Mail - on Travelling Post Offices


BBC TV TV Drama Murder in Mind

BBC TV TV Historical On the Record History of the Travelling Post Office & Night Mail

BBC TV TV Drama Copenhagen Copenhagen Stn 1941, Station scenes at Wansford

Bullit Films Commercial TXU Energy - Lost Wallet

Brahms Stills Shoot Launch of ATOC Website

Locationworks Commercial Stills Alpen Cereal

BBC TV - East News Item 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Anglia TV News Item 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Johnathon Knowles Ph'y Brochure Stills Quintiq - Inspection of a Tunnel

BBC TV - News East News Item Weddings - New Venues

Spa Films - for Railtrack Training Films(2) Level Xing and Station Spads


BBC TV TV Drama Series Casualty Series18 Episode 1&2 Train crash - Wansford Tunnel

Leopard Films Series Introduction Cash in the Attic

South Bank Show TV Feature Night Mail - history of the TPO's

BBC TV Series Documentary Work on the TPO's Brian White describes the TPO operations

Zollner UK Promotional Film ATWS Safety Film and use of German Equipment

BBC TV - Look East News Item Thomas returns after his Major Overhaul

Anglia TV News Item Presentation of Lottery Awards for ALL Blue Plaque


Nickleodian for SKY TV 'Your Nicked' Children's Programme Intro's

Lion Television Scotland BBCTV History Days which shook the World The Gt Train Robbery

BBC TV TV drama series Silent Witness VIII Train Crash/Landrover -Castor

The Gamma Project Documentary Heavy Duty


Granada TV TV Drama Series Poirot - Mystery of the Blue train W/Lits at Wansford

Anglia TV TV News - Local 60th Anniversary Evacuations with Stibbington FSC

Anglia TV TV News - Local City of Peterborough - rededication

Anglia TV TV News - Local Walking the Nene Way

BBC TV TV Drama Dalzeil & Pascoe Football coach accident


Edge Picture Company Network Rail safety film 'Say Again'

Hartswood films Television drama Jekyll

GB Productions Low budget Drama Season of fog

Eye Film & TV Documentary Country Lives


Lucy Macleod Films Romantic comedy Norbert

ITV Anglia Local TV News The Lonely Anzac

ITV Anglia Documentary Secret Rivers

Channel 5 Children's TV Milkshake


BBC Look East News Feature Steamy Affairs Investigation

BBC Pictures Drama Silent Witness

ITV Anglia News Feature Yarwell Junction Station Opening

YA Screen Academy Student Drama A Girl Dies

UCCA Group J Productions Student Drama Pictures In The Dark

Nine Films Musical Film Nine Featured Daniel Day Lewis & Penelope Cruz


Vijay Galani Moviez Bollywood Veer

AM Films Bollywood PAA

Television drama

Murder on the Orient Express

Featured David Suchet


BBC Drama Eastenders Featured Charlie Brooks


BBC Drama Casualty


BBC Drama Silent Witness



Safety Film Promotional Film

Biography The Honourable Rebel Featured Dorothea Myer-Bennett


BBC Children's TV The Dengineers Featuring Mark Wright and Lauren Layfield

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