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NVR Youth Group

What is the NVR Youth Group?


The NVR youth group are 14-18-year olds who volunteer at the Nene Valley Railway – usually at Overton station, supported by dedicated and DBS checked youth group leaders and the management of Nene Valley Railways.

Check out what our Youth Group say about the benefits of being part of this group - our members are proud of what they have achieved and the benefits of being part of the group.




By joining the NVR youth group, you can meet like-minded individuals, get practical experience in real life scenarios which will benefit your CV gaining experience for future careers, particularly in the railway and engineering sectors. Also, you can spend time doing the things you enjoy- whether it’s railway, engineering or serving customers, as well as opportunities to visit other railways and meet their youth groups.


We are very pleased to have received funding of £24,000 from London North Eastern Railways, to improve facilities, make them accessible and increase the number of opportunities available.

Safety is our number one priority with robust safeguarding systems in place, to ensure a safe but enjoyable environment.

The youth group also offers a selection of practical opportunities: working in the yard at Overton, learning basic practical skills under the supervision of a youth group leader.

All opportunities are available to both boys and girls from any background and we are striving to increase the facilities for the less able.

 It’s also a really good place to enjoy your hobby.

Gaining experience

When you progress through the youth group, starting from 14 years of age, you will be able to take on more responsibilities and be involved in more complex projects. Here, you can have a unique opportunity to gain practical skills.



These jobs may involve being in charge of a small group either in the day-to-day operation of the station or an engineering team.

In the station you will be handling money, serving customers, writing tickets and assisting passengers.

You may also be taking leadership roles in the railways events including the Travelling Post Office and our very popular Santa Steam events . The youth groups play a major role in these events, gaining extensive experience in the catering and hospitality industry in the process.    The NVR youth group has a wide range professional machinery and equipment which will help you develop skills and techniques, these are practical skills that further education colleges and schools struggle to deliver. Examples of jobs like this are welding, angle grinding, fabrication, carpentry, upholstery and, generally, restoring historical railway and road vehicles. This will give you greater opportunities in life with the knowledge you have attained.

The group also caters for school and college group, for example Oundle School and Peterborough Regional College. It is also possible for Duke of Edinburgh award schemes to be completed here.

Overall, being in the NVR youth group is a hugely benefitting and fun experience. If you have any questions, queries or would just like to know more about the group, please email youth@nvr.org.uk.

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