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Deltic No 55013 Driving Experience Course

Take the Chance to Drive Deltic No 55013 BLACK WATCH

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The Package

Our starter package includes theory and practical driving of diesel locomotive Deltic No 55013 BLACK WATCH. The course will be on a 55013 without rolling stock and consists of tuition and 1 hour on the footplate. During the time on the footplate, 2 participants will take it in turns to drive the locomotive for a total distance of approximately 12 miles. Participants are also provided with a certificate of their participation.

Please note that our experiences are suitable for those aged 18 and above.

Dates of Operation: 

The Price: £425.00 per person

Deltic 55013

Named at Doncaster Works on 21st July 1961 before introduction to traffic, D9009 maintained the "racehorse" tradition of the LNER by commemorating the winner of the 1949 Ascot Gold Cup. Based at Finsbury Park in North London, Alycidon was one of eight "racehorse" Deltics stabled there. In May 1981, she moved to York after the closure of Finsbury Park and was one of four Deltics prepared to work a series of farewell rail-tours during their final six months of operation. Her final outing in BR service was on 2nd January 1982 as standby locomotive for the "Deltic Scotsman Farewell".​ For this visit to the NVR, D9009 will be operating as D9013 BLACK WATCH.