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Operations Group

The operations group is responsible for the safe running of trains at Nene Valley Railway. It is made up of three main staff groups, Signallers, Guards and Platform. These are all safety critical roles. We are always looking for people to join the operations department. If you are interested please get in touch with us, you can do this through the volunteering page.


Our signallers work in our two operational signal boxes, Wansford & Orton Mere. From here they are responsible for the safe movements of trains within their station limits and the four single line sections of track. This includes liaising with Network Rail Signallers at York ROC to control movements from the East Coast Mainline via our Fletton Branch. Our signallers will have to set routes, operate level crossings and pull signals off to allow our trains to move.

As with other roles a signaller is vital to the operation of our railway especially when more than one train set is in use.


Platform staff are responsible for the safety of our passengers in and around the station, they will assist with travel information, boarding and alighting the train and keeping passengers informed. One of their most important tasks is dispatching the train, they will ensure that the train is ready and safe to depart before blowing their whistle and signalling to the guard that all station work is complete. They will then observe the train leaving the station watching for any issues which may arise. Such as a last-minute passenger who mistakenly tries to board whilst the train is moving. The platform staff will also observe the train as it arrives ensuring everything is safe and that no eager passengers attempts to recreate railway commuting scenes from the 1980’s by opening doors before the train stops.


Guards work on our passenger trains and goods trains and are responsible for coordinating shunting. A Guard’s typical day will see them prepare and check the condition of the carriages or wagons they will be working with. They will check and test all doors and on-board facilities as well as ensuring the brakes are working before the first train departs.
When it is time for the train to leave the guard will wait for the platform staff to dispatch them when at staffed stations, at unstaffed stations they will self-dispatch. The guard will ensure the signal has been changed to proceed and they will confirm that all doors are secured and it is safe for the train to depart. They will then signal to the train driver that they have authority to proceed or ‘right away’. They will continue to monitor the safety of the train as it leaves the platform and along it’s journey.

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