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The Iron & Steel Traction Group is a small focus group within the Nene Valley Railway made up of like-minded volunteers who are involved in the preservation and restoration of railway locomotives and rolling stock with particular emphasis on diesel traction.

The ISTG’s special interest concentrates on the railways, locomotives and operations of industry; those of the iron and steel industry generally and of the local East Midlands’ ironstone quarrying activities in particular.

An important facet of the ISTG’s activities is the overall gathering and maintenance of information and archive material, which augments the preservation and maintenance of items in the group’s care. Other aspects of the group’s work include collaborating with other like-minded groups and operations with similar types of locomotives, as well as making available the knowledge and information gained by the group and its members to the general public.

Find more information about the ISTG below:

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Class 14 Locomotives

Ironstone Quarrying in the East Midlands

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The material on this website is made available for your information and enjoyment. It is the property of the ISTG, its members and contributors and any further use is on the condition that such use is acknowledged to the ISTG and its contributor. Where appropriate and available, sources of information are acknowledged.

The ISTG cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions.

Any further information, photographs, artefacts and anecdotes etc. will be gratefully received (through the NVR) and placed in the group's archive collection.

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